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Frau mit Blumenkleid

 1  What is happening?

The first step is to UNDERSTAND the process you are experiencing.

You have to decide if you want to take responsability over your own life and commit to dedicate time for YOURSELF.


I will help you to find the way to have this time by changing some of your actual boundaries.

Frau am Wasser
Mutter und Kind

  2  Who am I?

I help you to:

1) define who you were, who you are and who you want to be. 

2) see your TRUE ESSENCE and how you express it.

3) develop a real love towards yourself (self-esteem).

Steine ​​von Bedeutung

  3  Which life paths can I choose?

I help you explore without judgement every aspect of your

ACTUAL SITUATION considering external and internal aspects. 

Considering all these aspects we creatively define possible future LIFE PATHS.

Kompass nach Norden

  4  How do I decide best?

I help you clarify the key elements for making your DECISION and for formulating it clearly and precisely.


  5  Which steps should I take?

We establish together a focused ACTION PLAN with small and specific steps. 

In this final phase I will help you to identify external and internal obstacles and design the actions to overcome them successfully.

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