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Tanzende Frauen

Why I am feeling like this? What is happening?



During the first adolescence our body, mind and personality experience an enomous growth. Around the age of 40 we experience the same a second time. This process as a natural stage of the human development. 

YES you are an


"Adolescere" means growing in latin.

People during the second adolescence are "still growing".

The first and the second adolescence are both part of a lifelong process of "individuation" (Carl Jung), where the individual identity (self) is developed.


Both stages have many common characteristics. The hormonal changes are just one example. 


I am feeling strange, but..


YES you are


We tend to think that the person we are today is the person we will always be. But research focused on the same population through time has demonstrated that our personality, skills, likes, and dislikes change over time.

To master the moments of change is absolutely necessary to STOP and find time and personal space to listen to ourselves.​

Glückliche Frau

Is it a middlife crisis?

being OLD... me?

NO you are NOT


The longevity patterns of this century have changed the understanding of this moment of life. Is is not a middlife crisis anymore: it is a great opportunity!!

Through the reevaluation of one's identity and interests you can achieve a long period of successfull and happy personal and professional life. 

​This coaching aims to HELP women master this developmental process and take ownership of their future self. With the fundamentals of positive intelligence it helps you to move to the SELF you want to be.

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