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My kids are getting older... I feel I need to change... I want to be myself again...

 NOW I can... but WHAT do I really want to do?


After years of dedication to raising children, taking care of financial needs, or seriously pursuing professional goals, many women around the age of 40 feel the need to reflect on their own lives and take control of their future.

This moment of life called "THE SECOND ADOLESCENCE" is a normal developmental process where a woman seeks to define her identity and life purpose – as in the first adolescence.

Die Kreditvergabe eine helfende Hand

let me help you

My name is Ainhoa Martínez and I want to help YOU through this process and be your PERSONAL COACH 

take control of


It is easy for me to understand how you feel and I can guide you through the STEPS needed to take your life under control.  

I am Spanish, in the late 40s, married with two children. I have gone through this this process myself and have helped others. This coaching is the result of establishing my own personal mission.

I am a psychologist with an international postgraduate degree in Psychology of Excellence (M.A.). I have worked in Spain, Germany and Switzerland. I’ve been raised in a bilingual (German-Spanish) educational system and have a deep understanding of cultural diversity.

I offer my coaching services in Spanish, German and English. 

Currently I am living in Zurich, Switzerland.



“Coaching with Ainhoa has been one of the most beneficial experiences I have had. I found myself again. It was a beautiful and very enriching process. Ainhoa has a lot of empathy, she understood me very well, and she has a lot of knowledge. Her method is amusing and enjoyable. Easy to do and follow. “ 

Mariana L.G. (Argentina) 

“Ainhoa es una gran profesional que irradia entusiasmo y optimismo. Me ha impresionado su profundo conocimiento de los temas que trabaja, su dedicación, determinación y apoyo. Ainhoa me ha dado las herramientas para tener el control de mis emociones y pensamientos. Con ella he aprendido a reconocerme, a entenderme y a elegir conscientemente aquello que quiero para mi proyecto de vida actual y a futuro. Recomiendo trabajar con ella, pues ha sido una maravillosa experiencia haberla tenido de guía”. 

María José M.G. (España)  

“Ainhoa ist eine wunderbare Zuhörerin, offen und liebenswert. Man hat bald das Gefühl, sie kennt einen  besser als man sich selbst kennt."

Natalia T.S. (Deutschland) 

Mädchen hinter einem Vorhang


Your Greatest Self

Most of us are not aware of our natural abilities and it is not easy to find the way to describe our competencies and strenghts. 

I want to help you to discover your TRUE ESSENCE and use it as a base to define and reach your personal goals.

Usually your greatest self is hidden. I will help you to identify and control the factors that make it difficult for it to come out.

stop doing


You are doing many things in your busy life.


You think that you don't have the time to STOP & THINK about yourself and your future.


But this time is essential for your wellbeing and health.

Only a life with purpose and direction takes us out of day-to-day stress.

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